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3 Keys To Unlock Your Dreams

Have you ever been locked out? Locked out of your car, your house, or your office? Was it scary, frustrating, or just plain old inconvenient?

Worse than being locked out of physical space, is being locked out of a dream.

Dreams are the visions that drive us to live big and work hard. They ignite our fire, build courage, and fuel our desires. Without dreams, life would be dull and unfulfilling.

I was starting to believe that 2020 had locked the door on some of my dreams. Some of those doors seemed so tight, that I assumed they were locked and entry was denied. My vision was temporarily clouded by uncertainty and my momentum hit some stress bumps. I wasn’t sure if I could get myself out of the funk I found myself in, but thank God I did.

It took some time and prayer for me to remind myself why the dream was planted in the first place. That “why” was big enough to get me unstuck.

The truth is, when we have divine ideas and aspirations, we figure out how to get inside those locked doors. Even if they are inside our minds. We discover new methods, skills, actions, and partnerships that move us closer to “picking the lock.”

As the final day of 2020 winds down, I’m looking back in gratitude as I reflect on how doors were unlocked despite a pandemic, increased stress, worrying about my family, community, and country.

I want to share those reflections and equip you with “3 Keys to Unlocking Your Dreams.”

These keys may not work for everyone, but they work for me and I hope they work for you.

Key 1 | Find the spare. Most locked doors have multiple keys that open them. If one key is lost or unavailable, seek and find another. Look for a spare key in other methods, people, or opportunities. Find access by opening yourself to new possibilities, experiences, and realities.

The key may be hidden in unexpected places, so search strategically. It may be inside that book, course, work experience, collaboration, or higher education. It may also be tucked away in your mind, behind procrastination, distractions, or anxiety.

Key 2 | Be patient. Figuring out how to unlock a dream is not always easy. It usually takes time. It may start by unlocking your mindset. It may progress with exploring a new skill set. It can evolve by building a blueprint and taking action. Moving through the steps is part of the process. As you explore your life and the direction you are going, resist the urge to go fast. Take your time and explore all the corners of your dream and its creation.

Key 3 | Build as you grow. You don’t have to wait to move forward with your dreams. You don’t have to have it all figured out. If you have a vision, start making small steps toward it. Manifesting your destiny is not always a neat and clean process. There may be spills, messes, and clutter, that temporarily overshadow the mission. Don’t let the disruptions stop you. See the mess, implement the process, and keep moving forward. As situations come up, construct new and innovative ways to keep building your dream.

For many of us, the keys are not in plain sight. We weren’t even taught how to find and use them effectively. Like me, you may be the first generation to begin the unlocking process. If so, I commend you for not giving up. I spotlight your journey of courage and accomplishment as you build keys for the next generation. I encourage you to keep growing and sowing hope for others to find and use to unlock their dreams.

Sending you vibes of wellness and joy as we usher in a New Year and new dreams!

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