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3 Strategies For The Seasons of Change

It’s that time of the year.

Mother Nature ushers in a new season whether we like it or not. This nature-based transition is a great representation of what we experience during seasons of life. Seasons of life flow much like nature. They can happen on schedule or off schedule; they last too long or not long enough, bring harsh climates, yield new life, or destroy.

In a nutshell, seasons cannot be controlled, but they can be managed.

The year that so many were anticipating, 2020, has been the poster season of change. It has forced us to shed so much of who we are, to adapt to what is. It has ushered us into a reality of science fiction worthy proportions, and guess what?

We have risen to the occasion.

We have stepped up to the plate and hit home runs against a pandemic, school and work shutdowns, employment disruptions, financial hardships, racial tensions, and layers of uncertainty. We may not love what’s happening in 2020, but we have built innovative methods, to live with it and move through it.

How do we manage massive seasons of change?

There is no perfect and magical formula, but some actions are more helpful than others. The shift in your life might feel like a hailstorm of pain, but you can still come out on the other side, repaired and renewed if you stay the course. Staying the course means equipping yourself with methods and support that sustains you.

It also means, not giving up.

Exposure to a harsh season may create a sense of doubt regarding your ability to persevere. It may even tempt you to pull away from all that you know is good and succumb to unhealthy beliefs and practices. As a powerful woman, part of your mission is to recognize your vulnerability to harsh seasons and insolate your mind, body, and spirit for the journey.

Successful progression from one life season to the next, requires your participation.

The season duration is often uncertain. There are long and short seasons, but no matter the period, all seasons must change. The impact of the change is largely dependent on how you prepare, perceive, and cope. While finding your way through your current season, let’s explore three strategies that can help you learn and grow.

STRATEGY 1: Take protective measures.

You would never leave your house windows or door ajar during a winter storm. You would close, seal, and secure all openings to keep the harsh climate from seeping in and creating internal discomfort. This concept applies to you as well.

When a season ushers in a disruptive atmosphere, sealing up your mental and emotional cracks is important.

Those seals may be repaired by connecting with friends, health and wellness practices like yoga, meditation, prayer, or journaling. Depending on the mental and emotional intensity of the season, you may consider seeking guidance from a health professional or coach, that can help you identify and repair the cracks.

STRATEGY 2: Identify and maximize the growth opportunities.

There are seasons of destruction that wipe out familiar comforts. Those seasons tear down the structure of who we are. Wiping out the old can set you up for a rebuild that is stronger, and more brilliant than what existed before. You may not notice at first, but the difficult season is allowing a necessary death to old attitudes, behaviors, circumstances, and relationships that are no longer serving you well.

We often see the removal of the familiar as negative.

Sometimes, being forced to give up our comforts, is the only way we’ll venture into our blessings just beyond the unknown. Despite what we might feel, there is a great deal of growth during the stormy climates of life. Take time for self-reflection during difficult transitions. During this quiet time, seek clarity and direction about how you will proceed.

STRATEGY 3: See beyond the clouds

This one is not easy. When confronted with damaging seasonal storms, we may be tempted to run for cover and hide in despair. It takes a great deal of mental and emotional fortitude to realize that the sun is beyond the dark and gloomy clouds.

During stormy climates, remember the warm sunny season, and its certain return.

To maintain your energy, joy, and peace, focus on the possibilities instead of the problems. We must see beyond what is in front of us, as we honor the season’s lessons, allow growth, and have faith that overcoming is not only possible but inevitable.

As 2020 continues to help us grow in wisdom, faith, and focus, let us not forget the lessons we have learned.

Let us not forget to give those lessons to those who may have missed the opportunity.

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