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3 Ways I’m Coping With Election Stress

I normally post the blog on Wednesday, but since today is Election Day, I wanted to greet you with some strategies for stress.

Not just any type of stress, but the stress that many of us have been experiencing this election season.

Every election season has its share of drama and negativity, but this one is different.

It’s more vile, hateful, and fear mongering than usual. American citizens are bracing themselves for disappointment, stress, and unrest, no matter the outcome.

If your candidate wins, the opposition will be outraged and the nasty rhetoric, after the election, will continue. So, you’re bracing yourself for more layers of stress and fear triggering shenanigans. Whew! This year has dished us a lot, and today’s elections feel like the anxiety provoking cherry on top.

Is this really what our democracy has become? A place where citizens of the “United” States of America are ready and willing to be violently at odds with each other…over an election.

What is that great saying by Edmund Burke that we all know? “Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

Well, here we are, feeling doomed in the repetition of hate and all the nastiness that comes with it. The collective learning is lagging, and so the wickedness of political and power hungry agendas, continues.

Politics and the desire for power and privilege, at the expense of others, has and continues to overshadow our wellbeing. It’s toward the end of 2020, and this sad historical reality remains.

The disheartening part is, technology has advanced beyond our wildest dreams, but the advancement of kindness, compassion, honesty, integrity, morality, humility, and love for people, has regressed.

This election season has been so mentally and emotionally destructive, that either outcome will leave waves of anxiety, stress, and lingering societal unrest. American citizens are increasingly at odds with each other, and entrenched in the “us” versus “them” culture, that has become so commonplace.

Because of the sad reality that we find ourselves living in, I want to share three things that I will be doing today, to guard my peace and my family.

I hope a peek into my day, will help you with yours.

Peaceful Practice 1 | I will not be watching the news. I have no desire to invite stress into my life, by watching the repetitive stream of toxic noise that the news media thrives on. In order to stay informed, I will check on the election results or delay reports on Wednesday.

Peaceful Practice 2 | I will be limiting social media. The social media news feeds will be as bad as watching the news. I understand that many people are passionate about what’s going on, but for my personal mental and emotional wellness, I will be limiting election-focused input.

Peaceful Practice 3 | I will be spending time with my family, and making space for relaxed activities that bring me joy and peace. You’ll find me laughing at a movie, listening to some music, looking up motivational videos, reading a chapter of that book I haven’t had time for, and meditating on the promises of the mighty God that I serve.

I hope that your plan for today involves voting, if you haven’t done so, and resting on faith that a better tomorrow is near.

Please take care of yourself and your families as a new chapter in our history begins. No matter how scary things may seem, I believe in the goodness of most of my fellow Americans. I believe that righteousness will win, and that light will always outshine the dark sectors of humanity.

I believe that God is in charge and His will is thankfully not political, but is all powerful.

We all have a divine part to play in being a beacon of hope and help during this time of mental, emotional, and societal unrest.

I believe as Powerful Women of Faith, we will align our energy, actions, and prayers toward creating a better day that’s on the way.

Protect your peace,

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