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4 Reasons You Should R E S T

I feel so redundant, but that’s because the state of our world and the inhumane behavior of humans is redundant.

During times like these, I am more consistent about protecting my mind, body, and spirit from images, conversations, media, people, and content that disrupt my energy. Because of how immersed we are in technology, this is not easy. Trying to avoid all negativity would mean putting yourself in a bubble where technology and other people don’t exist. Since that’s not a reality, I want to share an alternative that is helping me and may help you.


In order for us to take care of our families, build our careers, live a purposeful life, combat the ills of our country, and welcome joy, we have to put ourselves first. Today’s message to you is a gentle reminder to REST as you move into your weekend.

Here are a few reasons to step away and embrace R E S T.

RESTORE your mind and emotions.  The past few weeks have been emotionally taxing for many of us. The George Floyd trial and the death of more Black people at the hands of police officers continue to infect emotional wounds that never get a chance to heal. If your mind and body have been overly stressed, you need rest. You need physical nourishment. Your body needs movement to release the cortisol and adrenaline triggered by the stress response. Your mind needs a break from the news and social media exposure in order to restore itself to a more calm state.

EDUCATE yourself on what you can do to stay well and ready to do your part and make this world a better place. Set aside time to read educational material for your mind, inspirational material for your emotions, and fun material to lower stress. Figuring out what to do next isn’t always easy, but there are resources that can help you stay proactive about your health in mind, body, and spirit. Spend time off social media and pour into your mind with some good books.

SAVOR life. Don’t let one day melt into the other without being fully present. Stress can do that to you. Your mind is so busy worrying that you miss opportunities to live, love, and laugh.  No matter how frustrating the world and people can be, your life is a treasure and deserves to be opened with renewed hope and gratitude each day. Get up every morning and create reasons to smile. Open your eyes each day and embrace the beauty of what the day will offer. Even if things are going wrong, your life can still go in the right direction.

TRUST that God is in control. Nothing that is going on is a surprise to God. Humans will continue to do what humans do, but God is still doing great work through you. You and I will still fulfill our purpose if our faith and trust stand firmly on the shoulders of His promises. Don’t allow the uncertainties of the world to cloud your vision of what is certain. Our life is more than what we can physically see. Trust in greater things than what man has created.

I’m in rest mode. I’m doing what needs to be done, but nothing more. I’m making sure that I protect my peace and my energy. If you are interested in doing the same. Here are a few books that I would recommend and resources that may help.


  1. Atomic Habits, by James Clear

  2. The Gifts of Imperfection, by Brene Brown

  3. The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle

  4. Mindset, Carole S. Dweck


Don’t forget to listen to the Me Myself and HER Podcast episode addressing this same topic. Listen right here are Live Like HER, or subscribe on your favorite podcast platform so you always know when a new episode is released. The energy of today’s episode will get you ready to relax, rest, and restore.

Enjoy your rest!

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