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Grow with the FLOW

Do you feel like you’re walking the tightrope of life?

Are you afraid that the slightest misstep will send you tumbling down and wreck your progress?

I used to feel that way too. I was sold on the concept of “balancing” life, career and relationships. I stayed on that tightrope for quite a few years and wobbled my way through some difficult times. I worried through the unsteadiness and struggled to keep my footing.

By focusing on staying on the rope, I missed out on moments that I needed and wanted to be present for.

My energy and focus was on not falling, instead of moving forward and toward things and people that mattered most.

Don’t get me wrong. Even while on the tightrope, I accomplished some great things. I graduated from college, was raising my daughters, cleaned up my credit, and was part of a great relationship that eventually turned into a marriage.

The thing is, I was doing stuff, but I didn’t feel authentically in sync with the process.

Has that ever happened to you? You are doing, but not experiencing the important acts of your life.

Well, that used to be me, until I figured out a new way that I wanted to be. I wanted to get off the tightrope. I wanted to stop balancing and start moving in harmony with the waves of my life.

Even if those waves were big and powerful, I wanted to be big and powerful in unison with them.

So, I decided to step off the rope and into the boat called “my life.” I decided to create a work-life flow that allowed me to be present with all the movement and motions of my life. And listen, that transition was scary. I was so used to balancing that I had never focused much on managing.

To manage, meant that I had to take authority over my life, career and the direction of my relationships. Instead of worrying about my footing, I had to focus on the whole woman.

HER entire life mission had to become my pursuit, and I had to become the commander of that journey.

Today, I’d like to share with you insight into how I stepped off the rope and into my flow. I received such good feedback last week about the LOVE acronym, that I decided to use another this week.

I hope it makes it easier for you to grow in your FLOW.

F | Free your mind of distractions and focus on what matters. In other words, prioritize what you value most, right now. In this season of your life, what are your majors and what are your minors?

If you want to flow in harmony with life, you have to maneuver from one successful wave to the next. If you look at all the waves at the same time, you can become overwhelmed, fearful, and distracted. Flow is not about fast, it’s about focus.

L | Live life on purpose. As a young woman, I made the mistake of doing and not experiencing. Life is an experience, not a task to complete. If you want to flow forward in your life, you must pay attention.

If you are on-task, but off-purpose, the waves will continue to shock, shake and potentially break you. So steady yourself, step into the waters, feel the temperature, gauge the climate, and map the course.

O | Overcome fear with preparation. The ocean of life is vast and can be unpredictable. The known balancing act of the tightrope, is replaced by welcoming the unknown waves of a new life-flow.

The uncertainty of life will always be there. Life is deep with mystery, and can be rippled with change and challenge. Despite it all, life remains grand, beautiful and waiting for us to explore the depths of our purpose and position in it.

What do you need to step into your flow with courage?

I needed the life jacket of my support systems, the anchor of my faith, the sound of my daily affirmations, the vision of my mission, and a well maintained mental and physical vessel.

W | Welcome the experiences of life and explore what they have to offer. We are placed in certain seasons for a reason. When waves are calm, set aside time and create space to explore the nooks and crannies of life, growth, and goals. When the waves are rough and threatening, use your preparation measures to keep you afloat, stable, secure and ready to continue the journey.

Life is full of lessons that may challenge our mental and emotional vessels. If we are in tune with the ripples, waves, and undercurrents, we can move more fluidly within it.

Creating a new flow is not easy, but staying on the tightrope, at least for me, was not an option.

If we are intentional, we can eventually become the FLOW instead of trying to passively go with it.

You are the commander of your life, and can decide if or when that balancing act becomes too unsteady. Until then, start planning and positioning yourself to create some waves.

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