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Revealing the truth of one’s pain isn't always a simple task, yet it’s essential for fostering mental health, healing, and wholeness. In communities where open discussions about mental and emotional challenges, traumatic experiences, and everyday struggles are met with stigma, individuals often find themselves wrestling with inner turmoil concealed behind a cloak of secrecy.

In The Journey Back to Self, Alicia Caldwell, a licensed counselor and highly regarded mental health expert, breaches the barriers of silence. Through a series of pivotal life experiences, her mask of “having it all together” began to crumble, and she had to reckon with the truth; she couldn’t educate, earn, or fake her way out of childhood trauma and adverse life experiences. But, what she could do was embark on a courageous journey, confronting the mental wounds of her past, the impact on her present, and the healing work required to create a bright and fulfilling future.

This book is not just another memoir; it’s a life-altering roadmap you can reference through various stages of life. Through heartfelt storytelling and professional wisdom, Alicia becomes a beacon of inspiration. She authentically shares real-life lessons from her experiences and equips readers with practical tools and strategies for navigating life’s peaks and valleys.


Through guided activities, Alicia emerges as a companion on an introspective journey, guiding others to unlock the peace, power, and prosperity that resides within.


Angela Whitcomb, NE

“The truths written are relatable, the details paint vivid pictures, and the author’s usage of descriptive words keeps the reader's attention while they ponder and reflect on the details of their very own stories. 

LaTonya Evans, AL

"Being completely honest and transparent is a rarity these days. I feel that Alicia Caldwell has provided the reader with both. Her book is both welcoming and encouraging. "

Sasha Hightower, MO

“I am pressed to go back through each chapter and dedicate myself to processing the knowledge, completing the activities, applying the principles, and doing the work to help heal myself and explore the woman I want to become..”

The struggles are real, but so is our ability to flourish despite them.

The book uncovers a journey where inner power and vulnerability coexist. It illustrates that acknowledging challenges, setbacks, and imperfections is not a sign of weakness but an acknowledgment of the shared human experience.


With Alicia as your guide, you will be inspired to navigate challenges with patience, purposeful decision-making, self-compassion, mental endurance, and the understanding that setbacks don't diminish inherent power.

Every chapter acts as a gateway to self-discovery, encouraging you to reflect on your experiences and delve into the complexities of inner narratives.

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Unlock the Life
You Desire

Alicia's storytelling creates a space for introspection, making the book a compelling and transformative journey that resonates with the individual stories of its readers.

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Peace is a state of tranquility, calmness, and freedom from disturbance. It goes beyond the absence of conflict and encompasses a sense of internal and external harmony. 

A picture of the front and back cover of a book titled The Journey Back to Self.


Inner power refers to the strength, resilience, and capabilities that reside within.  It involves tapping into one's intrinsic resources, beliefs, and values to face difficulties and make choices aligned with personal growth and well-being. 

A picture of the front and back cover of a book titled The Journey Back to Self.


Inner prosperity refers to internal fulfillment and well-being. It goes beyond material wealth and encompasses a sense of richness regarding happiness, contentment, and overall life satisfaction.


Through engaging book readings, interactive Q&A sessions, thought-provoking workshops, and inspiring keynote presentations, Alicia empowers audiences to embrace their authentic selves, harness their inner strength, and take charge of their mental health and life trajectories.

Attendees gain valuable insights and are equipped with actionable strategies and tools to foster mental and emotional resilience in personal, academic, professional, or relational aspects of life.

To book Alicia Caldwell for a speaking engagement, panel discussion, book reading, or book signing, simply reach out to her team by clicking the button below.

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